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Grinding and polishing series
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FRT-8C/12C/16C/20C/24C granite slab polishing&grinding machine

 The device using theresin disc,thediscis light weight,low power consumption,a single grinding headpower is 7.5KW,its power consumption than traditional continuous mill 1/3.Operation control system using PLC terminal control,through the LCD touch screen parameter settings,a grinding head lifting and polishing is controlled by pneumatic pressure,thesize of demand in theset value can be adjusted.Grinding head of grinding speed and lateral plate feeding speed by frequency control and in the range of set valueset flexibly.Automatic feeding,grinding head intelligent identification plate shape for continuous grinding and polishing of high production efficiency,low cost,a set of device against multi-plehand grinding or bridge typesemi automatic mill production efficiency.

可磨板材宽度Width of polishingmm600/800/1000/1250
可磨板材厚度thickness of polishingmm15-50
皮带行走速度Feeding speedm/min0.5-4.0
主电机功率Main motor powerkw7.5-9.0
总功率Gross powerkw66102125155185
耗水量Water consumptionm3/h1012151820
外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall dimension(LxWxH)m4.5x1.9x2.26x1.9x2.27.8x1.9x2.211x1.9x2.212.5x2.8x2.2
总重量The total weightkg50008500145001650018500

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